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Photographer; Waynesville MO Photographer; Family Photographer

Hey there! I am a local family (of all stages) photographer in Waynesville, MO. Most days you can find me wrangling my three boys, rocking a messy bun, and wearing boymom tshirts. I'm absolutely in love with these little humans, and all things motherhood. I am mostly known for being obsessed with Christmas all year round, having a song for every occasion, and being able to quote from FRIENDS at any given moment. The things I am most passionate about are having an amazing marriage that my grandparents would be proud of, molding my tiny humans into awesome adults, pregnancy, and nursing, When I'm not busy documenting life, you can catch me adventuring with my husband, chasing the boys, and shopping with my mom. I want to document your family from being a squishy sweet newborn, through the finding themselves seniors, to finding the love of their life & beyond.